Spring Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Comes with Critical Enhancements

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FREMONT, CA: At the platform of Convergence 2015, Microsoft unveils the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for delivering superior customer engagement platform with enhancements and modernization in the critical areas of Productivity, Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Knowledge.

Spring ’15 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM concentrates much on redefining the company’s approach on the productivity part. The new version integrates CRM with Office 365 and cements the connection a CRM vendor tries to make between the sales, service and marketing systems with their productivity tools. It also comes with an in-depth Excel experience for the sales managers to perform in the ‘what if’ scenarios in Excel and update their forecasts within CRM. 

For improving the overall productivity, Microsoft is also providing OneNote in CRM, making it much easier for sales teams to collaborate and share information about accounts and opportunities.

Social experience for enterprises is gaining traction and has reached the stage where it cannot be ignored. Understanding this requirement, Microsoft refurbishes the Dynamics CRM with features for that go beyond social listening and sentiment analysis to real social engagement. They are providing an improved social analytics platform and a new UI with text mining capabilities, cloud visualization and a social activity map for interactive, global and real-time visibility into social activity. 

Bob Stutz says in the website, “New social capabilities include a social center where your marketing, sales and service teams can monitor social topics and engage directly with social communities. We have also added social CRM capabilities so companies can create end-to-end customer engagements from social posts and teams can monitor social topics.”

They have also made it mobile friendly since contemporary enterprises depend a lot on mobile platform and its uses in day to day businesses. They have added a mobile SDK to extend and create independent mobile apps.

For enhanced analytical powers there is PowerBI Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for out of the box integration. The sales, service and marketing professionals will be now able to analyze data with interactive dashboards and reports in Power BI, resulting in faster insights and decision-making for sales professionals. Stutz also mentions in the blog that the Spring ‘15 release marks the start of Parature’s integration with Dynamics CRM for knowledge management.

Another bit of news shared on the blog was the introduction of management of Dynamics CRM tablet app through Good Technology and the acquisition of IP from Fusion Software that is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Good Technology will see to all the security requirements of container for local data, data tunnel, email and web links. It will assist in centralized policy management such as device wipe and password management as well as enable employees to access the rich capabilities of the Dynamics CRM tablet app while enforcing corporate policies for customer data.