Sprint Launches Curiosity Smart Video Analytics to Make Enterprises and Cities Safer and Smarter
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Sprint Launches Curiosity Smart Video Analytics to Make Enterprises and Cities Safer and Smarter

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 11, 2020
Mike Fitz, VP of Business Solutions

Mike Fitz, VP of Business Solutions

Leveraging Technologies from Hitachi Vantara And Ericsson, Sprint looks to deliver actionable insights for more agile responses.

FREMONT, CA: Sprint, a communication service organization,  announced the launch of Curiosity Smart Video Analytics. This highly adaptable solution delivers automated alerts and advanced video analytics technology, helping the firms make quick decisions for potential emergencies and improve efficiencies while keeping people and property safe. 

"Together with technologies from Hitachi Vantara and Ericsson, our Curiosity Smart Video Analytics technology is enabling the transformation of critical security operations – from government to enterprises – with the power of AI and IoT to generate intelligence that can be acted upon faster and with more accuracy," said Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of IoT and Product Development at Sprint.

Curiosity Smart Video Analytics: Smarter Insights. Smarter Insights. Smarter Responses. Future-Forward features include:

1. Complete view

 Sprint's powerful Curiosity Smart Video Analytics solution combines different unrelated systems, Internet of Things sensors, a huge amount of data, diverse video sources, and existing video assets.

2. Easy trigger alerts

 The solution deploys advanced analytic capabilities, like Artificial Intelligence, to study video data in real-time.

3. Improve Operations

Features like activity visualizer, people counter, and queue detector analyzes consumer actions as they pass through certain spaces, ultimately increased profit, reduced shrinkage, and provide a better understanding of customer interests.

4. Future is around

Intrusion/object detection deploying privacy protection video analytics, intelligent processing at the edge, and 3D that gets anonymous yet granular insights, contributing to a structured overview of all the movement in a defined area, Predictive crime analytics, Digital archive, Geospatial visualization, and Traffic /parking: parking space analyzer, traffic analyzer, vehicle counter , direction controller.

With Curiosity Internet of Things, the company is ready for the future of smart video analytics, having 5G-enabled video cameras and near real-time insights from video processed on the edge of the network.

5. Easy deployment

The end-to-end solution, which encompasses connectivity and managed services or support, all on one bill and OpEx model to lower up-front investment-enabling more predictable monthly recurring expenses.

"According to research, humans miss out on more than 90 percent of video activities after manual monitoring. We're automating workflow and enabling the visualization of distinct events with unprecedented precision to improve public safety and overall security for a variety of entities," concluded Rook.

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