SPYRUS's SEMS 4.4 Offers Enhanced Security Features and BitLocker Management

By CIOReview | Monday, October 26, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: SPYRUS, designer and manufacturer of secure bootable USB drives unveils SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) 4.4. The platform extends a comprehensive mobile device management solution for Microsoft (MSFT) certified Windows To Go and SPYRUS secure USB storage devices. The SEMS server is clubbed with SEMS clients on devices. Windows To Go devices’ sensitive information like its security policies is safeguarded with BitLocker and the new solution extends a cost effective data at rest solution to Microsoft customers. This will enable IT organizations to leverage management and compliance needs. In addition, it securely converts BYOD devices   to centrally managed endpoints.

SPYRUS Windows To Go devices allows employees and contractors to bring in their own device without compromising the companies security requirements. Based on a highly secure architecture, the solution integrates directly with Microsoft System Center, public key infrastructure systems, as well as the Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption system. The SEMS 4.4 device management facilitates organizations deploy Windows To Go devices and provision policies and applications automatically to a mass group of Windows To Go devices. It can assign Group Policies that can enroll, reset password, without re-provision needs or disable, enable, set expiry day or destroy

"With the expanded feature set of SEMS 4.4, SPYRUS is the first company to offer a complete mobility portfolio for Windows To Go devices ranging from the strongest hardware-encrypted security protection for data at rest, Read-Only and DataVault options, PKI-based smart card services, and now BitLocker recovery and key management for the SPYRUS BitLocker encrypted WTG devices," explains Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. "This provides a seamless, easy to use experience for both users and IT Administrators."

Delivering a robust management and security solutions, the platform protects Windows To Go drives from non-hardware encrypting. Brute force attacks can always be prevented using hardware-encrypting drives. Using BitLocker software encryption, SEMS 4.4 covers all of security management features for SPYRUS non-hardware encrypting Portable Workplace and WorkSafe drives. Furthermore, SEMS 4.4 delivers SPYRUS Windows To Go devices and PocketVault P-384 secure USB storage with role-based management, configuration and security.