SQLBase 12: Fostering Multi-user Platform with Easy Integrated Database

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

ROSEVILLE, CA: Application development and database software provider, Gupta Technologies introduced SQLBase 12, a technology which leverages database scalability and multi user performance to meet the ever growing demand of application users, application complexity and database growth.

The technology is acclaimed for efficiently reducing costs concerned with development, deployment and maintenance of business applications for large end users. It is perfect embedded low maintenance database for windows and Linux environments in 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. It contains a graphical administration and analysis tool SQLBase command center.

The version 12 introduces native operating system multi-threading to achieve scalability and multi-user execution. SQLBase 12 behaves as a central database for TD Mobile enterprise applications and can be easily integrated into development system with its variable licensing options.

The tool claims to be a great companion for team developer desktop applications. It is easy to use and manage the database structure facilitating flexible deployment of applications for both single and multiple users.

Furthermore, the database technology adds a new Electronic Data Processing (EDP) configuration and deployment tool for easy installer building and management allowing users to build customized level servers and installers easily. Customers have already provided positive feedback about the latest release, stating that they are experiencing 4 time higher performance in multi-user tests.

This recent update comes with a set of current database drivers, including a .NET Data Provider, an OLE DB provider, an ODBC and a JDBC driver. It also installs directly into Visual Studio using the DDEX extension.