SQream Enters into a Strategic Multi-Million Dollar Contract with a Tier-1 Mobile Operator
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SQream Enters into a Strategic Multi-Million Dollar Contract with a Tier-1 Mobile Operator

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The operator seeks to leverage critical insights from exponentially growing data to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, as it grows its 5G base of subscribers.

FREMONT, CA: SQream, the provider of a data analytics acceleration platform that enables enterprises to gain critical business insights from their massive data, announced today that it had signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with a tier-1 mobile operator. SQream enables operators to provide a better quality of service with lower downtime and reduced network costs and improved personalized service offerings. This agreement further cements SQream's growing market share in the telecom industry, including Orange, LG UPlus, AIS, Cellcom, and others. 

With an estimated 30 million mobile subscribers and a growing base of 5G subscribers, the operator's data is increasing exponentially. The company faces significant challenges due to the excessive time required to prepare and execute queries and not analyze larger volumes of data from their Hadoop system to increase its business intelligence's richness and accuracy. 

SQream was selected because it was able to show that it could significantly reduce data access, preparation, and query execution time. For example, SQream DB was able to reduce from almost 10 minutes to 30 seconds, close to 180 times faster, a query that previously took hundreds of working hours to compile and optimize and be prepared in a fraction of the time using SQream. When this new level of efficiency is applied to multiple queries and petabytes of data, SQreams ability to provide rapid data access and analytics is game-changing.

"Mobile operators face intense competition, and are constantly seeking ways to provide subscribers with better quality of service, more personalized offerings and improved customer service," says Adi Gelvan, CRO at SQream. "With the emerging challenges facing operators due to the huge volumes of data from 5G and IoT, being able to rapidly access and analyze their massive data enables superior decision making to better compete and drive their business forward."

The operator plans to deploy the SQream data acceleration platform across the organization to facilitate the rapid access and analytics of up to 25 petabytes of data.

SQream develops and markets SQream DB, designed to obtain unparalleled business intelligence from massive data stores. Global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before while achieving improved performance, reduced footprint, significant cost savings, and the ability to scale the amount of data they analyze to hundreds of terabytes. SQream DB is available both on-premise and in the cloud.