St. Joseph Health Gains Real-Time Analytics from Clearsense

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Bill Russell, Chief Information Officer, St. Joseph Health.

Bill Russell, Chief Information Officer, St. Joseph Health.

IRVINE, CA: St. Joseph Health, a not-for-profit integrated health care delivery system has joined forces with Clearsense, a Florida-based data analytics firm. The partnership gives St. Joseph Health access to Clearsense’s real-time data analytics, thereby improving the quality of healthcare offered to its communities while providing measureable, value-based care.

Healthcare organizations nowadays are facing an enormous challenge in the form of managing vast sources of data, including Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, labs, outpatient charts, insurance companies and other third parties. Organizations with a robust data analytics solution are capable of providing advanced healthcare owing to various factors like forecasting adverse patient behavior, improving treatment of diseases, and offering preventive care. Then again, most of the organizations are not equipped with a strong data analytics solution which hinders them in offering fast and efficient care.

“Many analytics technologies are extremely complex, only providing a reflective view, rather than real-time, predictive intelligence. With Clearsense, we can uncover data insights and valuable surveillance analytics that enable swift, proactive decisions,” says Bill Russell, Chief Information Officer, St. Joseph Health.

With its powerful and open system, Clearsense enables St. Joseph Health to analyze massive amount of data– be it structured or unstructured–in real-time. Moreover, the solution allows St. Joseph Health’s clinicians to be proactive through the integration of data from monitors, ventilators and other biomedical devices. Clearsense also keeps track of quality measures for patients under care as well as for those in post care by gathering information from patients’ at-home devices and communicating it to the clinicians. This provides clinicians with regular updates about patients’ conditions which help them in reducing readmissions by facilitating early intervention.

“The clientinvestor alliance with St. Joseph Health enables us to continue evolving our analytics solutions in relevant environments while validating our vision of providing innovative, high-impact, and affordable analytics solutions,” adds Christopher Rogowski, President, Clearsense.