StackIQ Releases Stacki to Simplify Linux Installation on Bare Metal Infra

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: StackIQ, makers of the warehouse-grade automation platform, announced the release of Stacki, an open source software project to provide system administrators with an easy-to-use tool to install Linux at blazing speed. Alongside this new release, the company made available a one-day, on-site Stacki training and an implementation service for users who want to use the tools immediately for production servers.

Stacki is a bare metal install tool that can take servers from bare hardware (or virtual hardware) to working Linux, ready to install applications. This installer helps to configure and install OS and networking. With Stacki, the need for touching a monitor and keyboard to customize the RAID configuration on machines becomes optional.

Stacki comes complete with bare metal-to-functional-server installation and seamlessly ties into an organization’s systems management and configuration tools. It also comes with a set of extensibility features that help administrators customize installs to make deploying special-purpose servers quick and easy. Designed to work within environments, Stacki will drive initial installation time down dramatically, giving time and IT Operation resources back to teams to pursue other higher value priorities.

With Stacki, machines are disposable. Everything is built from the ground up programmatically so recovering from disasters just means rebuilding your servers. After the initial installation, data is preserved across reinstalls. Data drives are reformatted only by deliberate action. A reinstall is a refresh of the OS and/or application software while data on disk is preserved.

“We received a ton of feedback that the initial provisioning of bare metal scale-out servers is very time consuming and error prone. In particular, the automated RAID configuration and disk partitioning functionality Stacki now brings was called out as a major missing link in today’s toolchain for IT operators. Regardless of the plethora of tools used for configuration management and application layer orchestration, organizations need a straightforward solution for what is effectively ‘Step Zero’ automation. As early evidence of that customer pull, over 100 enterprise users had already signed up for our pre-release Stacki Charter Program, which allows their production bare metal installation projects to be supported and recognized as a priority for StackIQ,” states Tim McIntire, CEO and Co-founder, StackIQ.