Starfish ETL Unveils New Marketing Automation Connectors
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Starfish ETL Unveils New Marketing Automation Connectors

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: To enable integration and migration of data from one marketing automation (MA) solution to another, Starfish ETL has launched four new connectors.

The newly launched four connectors are compatible with marketing automation software from providers like Pardot, Act-On, Hubspot, and Marketo. The import/export suite can now migrate data from one MA solution to another and set up ongoing integrations from a customer relationship management (CRM) or in-house software to a marketing automation system.

“StarfishETL development continues apace with these new MA connectors. We now have connectors to the most popular marketing and CRM solutions as well as connectors to all standard database types,” comments Paul Denwood, Product Manager at Starfish ETL.

With the launch of the new connectors, marketers can now view statistics related to their success of their campaigns as information is passed back into the CRM system. The integration between the CRM and MA also helps in keeping the lists synced, update mailing preferences, and automate mailings as well.