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StayLinked and NIMMSTA Announce Strategic Partnership

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2021 is a technology implementation and development platform for the supply chain that empowers staff with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions.

FREMONT, CA: StayLinked, maker of state-of-the-art smartphone apps for legacy supply chain systems, and NIMMSTA, developers of the industry's first back-of-hand touch monitor, have formally announced their partnership agreement. The collaboration between software and hardware manufacturers highlights their contribution to optimizing transaction performance, increasing competitiveness, and introducing the most advanced technology available to entrenched warehouse systems.

"We are excited to be working with StayLinked to help customers extend and improve their existing workflows," says Andreas Funkenhauser, CEO, NIMMSTA. "This alliance with StayLinked allows our customers to use the latest NIMMSTA devices and extend their telnet application capabilities to new devices without the typical complexity of integration."

Optimization in Challenging Conditions

Because of the impacts that businesses experience due to the current public health epidemic, they concentrate more than ever on strengthening and enhancing their corporate practices to motivate the workforce that faces unprecedented challenges. In this approach to system incorporation, businesses will motivate these workers with innovations, such as freehand scanners and robots, without ever entering the Warehouse Management System (WMS). These interconnected solutions empower customers to connect supply chain components while retaining a focus on their core market. An Innovative Platform for IIoT integration is a technology implementation and development platform for the supply chain that empowers staff with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions. The interface helps Terminal Emulation (TE) devices to communicate with modern and evolving technologies, such as the NIMMSTA HS 50, without any problems or high costs associated with other methods.

"As part of our strategy to bring innovation into the TE space, StayLinked is proud to add NIMMSTA as another launch partner. Our customers can leverage the freehand scanning capabilities of the HS 50 to further extend their telnet capabilities quickly and easily," said Padraig Regan, CTO, StayLinked Labs. "The ability to augment existing workflows with new technologies is something any warehouse system of any size can now take advantage of with the platform."

Pick Productivity: Real World Scenarios

Warehouse workers are continually getting instructions from host systems. This staff checks barcodes based on these instructions. In cases where employees continuously raise boxes with both hands, they need to process the system instruction, set up the device, pick up the package, pick up the device again, and check the box/location again. The ability to refine this tedious task is essential and makes for a significant change in the picking workflow.

"Users can avoid picking up and putting down the device regularly," Regan adds. "Integrating it into the workflow can be done in as little as 15 minutes with StayLinked and requires no coding, scripting, or technical knowledge."

Benefits of NIMMSTA + StayLinked

• Growing the harvesting workflow by integrating the NIMMSTA portable scanner improves efficiency.

• The NIMMSTA HS50 device with a touch display offers interactive content that can be configured with StayLinked in minutes.

• Warehouse staff can process instructions and scan objects while leaving the linked mobile device in the holster.

• Using StayLinked enables the consumer to customize soft buttons on the NIMMSTA touch-enabled computer to promote quick navigation through the software.

• Customers can determine the benefits of this integration in just a few hours.

"The ability to further enhance telnet applications by quickly and easily integrating the NIMMSTA freehand scanner enables customers to impact productivity immediately," says Andreas Funkenhauser, CEO, NIMMSTA. "The added touchscreen capabilities of the HS 50 streamlines warehouse procedures, such as picking, in a completely new and cost-effective way."