SteelBrick CPQ Software Updated

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: has recently restructured the SteelBrick CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software which acquired three months ago, integrating SteelBrick and its key product into the Salesforce platform, and updating the same by adding new features. It is pertinent to mention SteelBrick was built using Saleforce’s own Lightning developer tools, which were designed to sustain integration with Salesforce. The latest features of Salesforce's SteelBrick CPQ software will assist sales representatives with the ability to see the most recent discount schedules and make deals that are pre-approved. “SteelBrick has been built based on the Lightning platform and it completes our lead-to-cash vision of one system that offers sales representatives leads and opportunities to generate new business,” says Adam Blitzer, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The acquisition of SteelBrick CPQ was a striking deal for the CRM company because it completes the sales cycle, covering everything from sales leads to cash. As part of SalesCloud, SteelBrick CPQ now can be configured accordingly to include the types of deals and discounts managers will approve so the representatives does not have to get approval after speaking to a prospect. Sales Cloud users can anticipate SteelBrick CPQ to manufacture a quote as much as 80 percent quicker than using contrasting tools.

The exact new features in SteelBrick CPQ consist of the aptitude to set user-defined discount schedules—this is useful in cases where firms have different discount tiers that alter globally. SteelBrick CPQ lets them view up-to-date discount schedules on the same screen where they are building a price quote. But, the standard Terms and Conditions section included in most sales quotes need to be edited at times—with Secure Quote Term Editor, each section of Terms and Conditions can be locked or unlocked. As a result, firms can establish guidelines that give representatives more flexibility to make quick changes on specific deals devoid of an internal review. SteelBrick CPQ’s Real-Time Price Rules on the other hand gives sales representatives a real-time display of any modifications they make in product pricing when they are putting together a package or product bundle.