Stefanini Announces Investment in Application Development Services

By CIOReview | Friday, February 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IT service provider Stefanini has recently commenced its investment in the workflow process of application development, customization and implementation of solutions for range of industries, like retail, finance, and government.

Application Development Services (ADS) is based on a set of resources, processes, and methodologies designed for the software development as well as testing and maintenance. It aims to build solutions that grasp data from all possible sources to deliver suitable functionality and proper content according to the market demand. The application development process implicates a well-defined structure that includes identifying and detailing requirements, preparation of functional specifications, and development of architecture as well as technical specifications. The process also comprises architecture validation, building programs and components, test planning, system validation, test execution and implementation of system or module monitoring. “We offer maintenance and support applications in order to add value through the reduction of corrective maintenance, as well as availability management, performance and security of applications. We develop solutions for web, mobile applications, portals, intranet, among others,” says Jo Leunis, EMEA Vice President, Stefanini

The ADS works with three principal modules comprises Traditional, Incremental and Agile models to guide the application development process. Traditional model is used in smaller projects, where there is no experience in other models and has a good level of stability. Incremental model is usually adopted for deploying across larger projects for a solid foundation on the initial requirements of the project. Agile model works when there are no conditions, time or expertise to require to define the detailing of a project before the development and partial delivery. “Our global reach and capillarity consists of an integrated operation between geographically dispersed teams, in places with different time zones, which allows us to serve anywhere in the world. We have delivery centers in the Romania, US, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Moldova, India, China and the Philippines,” added Jo Leunis.