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Steps to Boost Employee Engagement

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Employees are the most treasured resource for any organization. Well-being and satisfaction of an Employee directly impacts the performance of companies. Employee engagement is one of the major factor every business whether small or large should work to achieve corporate goals. Employees are more engaged when the employers value their contributions and award them in specific visible ways. Employee engagement matters because engaged employees are more productive workers. According to a survey, companies enjoy 33% higher profits with successful engagement strategies.

Unengaged employees are most of the time disconnected, bored and uninterested. They may even be uncommunicative with both other coworkers and customers.

Engaged employees have higher employee satisfaction, which leads to enthusiasm in their role. They also contribute to overall company growth in the form of higher retention and lower turnover; higher productivity; increased profitability; less absenteeism, and increased employee loyalty.

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Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Increasing benefits package

Though this could be potentially expensive, there are some cost-effective ways organizations can add support to benefits package to make employees feel that the organization cares. An offer to contribute a few bucks a month toward employee’s student loan debt, making employee’s sick days policy a more generous PTO model, spending money for healthcare costs. Companies should come up with enticing plans to benefit employees.

Employee engagement survey

Every employee wants to be heard, and technology makes it possible to gather their feedback in an anonymous way. Before conducting a survey, employees should be instructed to give genuine feedback and suggestions to make necessary improvements.

Get involved in the community. A lot of employees want to feel like they are making a difference with their life and with their work. Aligning the company with some non-profit organizations in the area and inviting the employees to join in some volunteer projects will make them feel good.

Express your gratitude

Simply telling employees when they do something good, and thanking them for their service will make a huge difference in their attitude toward the company. Employees will get a sense of accomplishment and strive harder to reach goals.