Stonebranch and Teradata Align to Offer Customers an End to End IT Automation Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: Stonebranch, an automation solution that helps you simply define, manage and visualize your mission-critical IT business processes reliably and securely has partnered with Teradata, a provider of analytic data platforms, marketing applications and related services to offer customers with an end to end IT automation solution.

The partnership will help businesses control data supply chain even beyond ware house will and therefore need a single point of control and monitoring. The IT automation solution helps combined customers to a maximum extent as it has a simple set of tools allowing users to simply process, collect and report data.

"Our clients run their business on data. In fact, it is one of their most valuable assets, but data alone is meaningless, and why the partnership with Teradata makes a lot of sense for our combined customers," says Rigas Paschaloudis, Chief Marketing Officer, Stonebranch. "Anyone can process, collect and report data with a simple set of tools. When you can transform that data into valuable insights, enabling action, you have powerful business intelligence."