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Storage Made Easy Releases the Enterprise File Fabric

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2020
Jim Liddle, CEO

Jim Liddle, CEO

Storage Made Easy announced the release of the Enterprise File Fabric that can integrate File and Object Storage into a unified platform.

FREMONT, CA: Storage Made Easy (SME) has announced the Enterprise File Fabric release.This can integrate File and Object Storage into a unified platform accessible through a global file system.

Strengthened Remote Working and Collaboration Abilities:

• As more organizations have remote employees, the File Fabrics SMB connector has been updated to allow SMB shares to no longer be constrained by the boundaries of the office. It can also facilitate cloud-like working with SMB shares without the requirement for VPN or VDI. Similar technology can work with Cloud-based file systems like Amazon FSx or Azure files.

• Furthermore, the latest feature of the File Fabric, known as Jibe, has been launched. Jibe is a service that can monitor data that is integrated to a company's file or object data estates directly. Since the File Fabric does not lock customers into having to utilize it now to access and work with data. Jibe is a mechanism to ensure that the File Fabric metadata is immediately updated as new files or objects are directly added. It helps the File Fabric analyze new data in near real-time, update its smart index instantly, and enforce security controls that consist of taking immediate protective action on sensitive PHI / PII data and making the data available for end-users and other system workflows.

• In the release, the File Fabric has also been combined with Microsoft Teams to offer easy in-situ access Teams for organizations that have embraced this tool for remote working and collaboration. It decreases the friction and increases productivity for remote Teams that utilize the File Fabric to access File or Object data and who live in Teams during their working day.

• SiteLink is the File Fabrics Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) multi-site abilities that have been updated for supporting multi-site file locking and file transfer acceleration between nodes by using their unique M-Stream File Transfer acceleration feature.

Todd Dughman, Director of Information Technology at TNP, said: "The File Fabric from Storage Made Easy enabled us to have web scale remote access to our Nasuni SMB file shares, inclusive of Microsoft Teams support. This enabled us to retire a secondary remote access file sharing solution we were using from Egnyte".