Storage Virtualization and Data Encryption will Hold Key for Data Storage in 2015
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Storage Virtualization and Data Encryption will Hold Key for Data Storage in 2015

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fremont, CA: : Hyper-flexibility, software implementation, and virtualization are some of the key trends that will drive the data storage in 2015 as noted by Chris Gladwin, founder of object-based storage provider Cleversafe. Data is abundant, and its abundance continues to grow each day. Structured and unstructured in nature, data today is not the same as data in the past. Re-inventing data storage, data flexibility, and data security will drive data management in 2015 reports Darrl K.Taft from eWEEK.  

The other trends for data storage in 2015 mentioned by Gladwin include keyless encryption, data dispersal and power efficiency in data storage.

Storage virtualization is vital, it increases the efficiency substantially and thereby leads to cost saving. It involves the creation of a single virtual unit where multiple network storage devices are merged or amalgamated. This amalgamated unit facilitates greater flexibility in administration, leads to increased disk utilization, and improves disaster recovery while lending business continuity. With the threat of data loss and cyber criminals looming large, increasing security and taking it to the next level through technologies like data dispersal and keyless encryption will be of utmost importance to organizations. Like the old saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket data, bits of data dispersed to more devices is likely to keep the data away safe. Companies like Cleversafe and Symform offer cloud dispersal solutions to business organizations. These solutions also help in lowering storage requirements of the organization. Advances in technologies that provide data security will be watched with keen, alert eyes of the industry.

Conventional enterprise storage systems fall short of handling huge data and with changing data structures and increase in data, periodic replacement is an expensive option. Hyperscale storage offers the right alternative as its storage space is significantly greater than a conventional system. Hyper-scalability requires minimum human involvement as it is driven by automation and is software defined in nature. Unlike conventional storage systems, hyper-scale storage media can cater to large number of people by using minimum applications. Maximizing the raw storage space and reducing costs is one of the key, outstanding features of this system.

Structures and systems for data management need to evolve to fit into the needs of the organization, and adapt to the changing IT environment. Enterprises will search for greater flexibility, and round the clock accessibility to data in exchange for the money spent on building new software infrastructure. Personalized Data Management (PDM), which runs on providing the relevant information at the right time, in a comprehensible form, will draw the future road map for data management sector.

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