StorageCraft Renews License Agreement with eFolder to Address Backup and Disaster Recovery concern

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management, StorageCraft

Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management, StorageCraft

FREMONT, CA: StorageCraft, a company providing backup and disaster recovery software for cloud services, has renewed its partnership deal with eFolder a business continuity services supplier by recommencing the software licensing agreement. The renewed agreement allows eFolder to provide latest backup and disaster recovery for the cloud services, which is powered by eFolder cloud technologies and StorageCraft software. Additionally, the renewed contract protects the distribution rights of eFolder, combining StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect software license and eFolder’s cloud services into the current eFolder’s MSP partners. The combination is supported by working licenses of ShadowProtect. The firms have contributed in the business development while providing eFolder with a capability to run and combine StorageCraft’s VirtualBoot, HeadStart Restore, and ImageManager into the eFolder’s cloud.

Under the renewed agreement, a next generation cloud only service will be launched by eFolder. The new BDR for ShadowProtect will be accessible to any new or existing partners of eFolder. The improved eFolder’s BDR for ShadowProtect services will be a cloud-only service that can be connected to any future or current deployment of ShadowProtect. After mid-2016, eFolder will not distribute licenses of ShadowProtect to new MSP’s that allies with eFolder, instead, it will allow MSP’s to form own licenses for ShadowProtect and utilize them in conjunction with the cloud services of the eFolder.

“It didn’t take us time to realize the basic need of the firms, which helped us to expand our portfolio to include replication technologies, leveraging virtualization for near-instant recovery, and introducing our cloud services,” says Matt Urmston, Chief Evangelist/Director, Product Management, StorageCraft.

The next generation cloud service decreases the bandwidth requirements up to the half, increases transmission speed by expanding parallelism while delivering the same levels of data security and retention. The new partners of the eFolder will inhabit an ability to source ShadowProtect software licenses across StorageCraft or their approved distributors and it will attach the latest BDR for the ShadowProtect cloud services. This collaboration will provide complete business continuity services to end users.