StorageCraft's VirtualBoot Embeds Instant Backup and Restore

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WESTBOROUGH, MA: StorageCraft, releases VirtualBoot for Hyper-V and extends assistance to ExaGrid by providing disaster recovery solution and storage. ExaGrid provides backup solution and data deduplication, its landing zone and scale-out architecture provides instant backup.

Virtual Boot loads a system volume backup image into a Virtual Machine (VM) environment without performing a restore operation or modifying over reinforcement records to an alternate organization. By leveraging the open source Oracle VirtualBox programming, Virtual Boot gives a speedy, brief substitution framework for a failed server.  They also provide solution to protect physical machine, virtual environment and backups in the cloud.

One of the solutions given by StorageCraft - ShadowProtect is the component of the StorageCraft Recovery Solution, which provides the tools needed to recover IT systems anytime, anywhere, from any disaster. The technology enables users to boot a protected Windows system as a guest virtual machine directly on a Hyper-V host when using Windows Server 2012.

ExaGrid solves 3 compute challenges- backups are saved in a disk to avoid deduplication, latest backups are saved in landing zone, maintains fixed length of backup window by adding processor, memory and bandwidth. With the combined solutions of StorageCraft’s snapshot architecture and ExaGrid, storage efficiency, short recovery times, quick restores, and excellent storage utilization are all achieved with minimal impact on production systems.

 The tie up between StortageCraft and ExaGrid proves beneficial to companies that require backup environment which is easy to manage, low cost and fast for both backup and restore.