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StormForge Launches StormForge Global Partner Program

By CIOReview | Saturday, December 5, 2020

StormForge has announced the official launch of the StormForge Global Partner Program.

FREMONT, CA: StormForge, a leader in Kubernetes optimization and cloud-native performance testing, has announced the official launch of the StormForge Global Partner Program. Carmen Means is the partner champion and channel specialist, has been selected as Global Director of Partnerships to lead partner go-to-market efforts in developing and expanding StormForge's partner ecosystem. 

StormForge, previously known as Carbon Relay, announced about its Series B funding with Insight Partners in February of 2020. As part of the remarkable and market-forward Insight Portfolio, StormForge is defining the potentials of optimized Kubernetes. The company’s powerhouse combination of cloud-native performance testing with machine learning-powered optimization is offering a revolutionary path that actively ensures performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency with Kubernetes.

"We are thrilled to be officially launching the StormForge Global Partner Program as a part of our commitment to customer success. By investing in and building a best-in-class partner program, we are enabling our customers to realize their cloud-native journey objectives," said Joe Wykes, Chief Sales Officer, StormForge.  

The path to cloud-native has become authoritative for several organizations, and complexities and cost cannot be the restricting factors. The partners are looking for advanced solutions that will offer them with benefits, which they can pass on to their customers. StormForge and its network of worldwide partners will help customers to mitigate risks, overcome obstacles, and experience the power of optimized Kubernetes. 

"Rancher is excited to announce our partnership with StormForge. Their revolutionary approach to Kubernetes optimization through machine learning is empowering users around the globe to gain control of their clusters today while proactively planning for the possibilities of tomorrow. We see StormForge's solution as an exciting option for Rancher platform customers." said Alex Belak, Director of Strategic Alliances - Rancher Labs.

"The StormForge API will unlock collaboration with technology vendors and transforms Lens into a fully featured cloud-native development IDE that we can extend and enhance without limits." commented Miska Kaipiainen, Senior Director of Engineering, Mirantis, and co-founder of Kontena, the company that initially developed lens.

"We're excited to join the StormForge Global Partner Program," said Jason Bobb, VP Sales, Partnerships, and Business Development, Circonus. "StormForge and Circonus have each developed solution that share a common goal, and that's to help organizations more easily realize the benefits of Kubernetes. Our complementary offerings provide organizations with a full Kubernetes performance monitoring and optimization lifecycle, and we look forward to delivering our combined value to our customers." Jason Bobb, VP Sales, Partnerships and Business Development, Circonus.