Strategic Partnership of Carousel and Aseco to Enhance Information Delivery to Patients
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Strategic Partnership of Carousel and Aseco to Enhance Information Delivery to Patients

By CIOReview | Friday, February 5, 2016

WINDSOR, CT: Hospital and healthcare firm, Aceso has combined with Carousel Industries to provide integrated products and services, which will enable healthcare providers to access a wide range of solutions. The combination of their services into a single value proposition, will help organizations offer differentiated solutions in a highly competitive marketplace.

Aceso’s UpCare and eCareboard, which engages and educates patients, along with Carousel’s IT services will deliver successful outcomes and solutions for partners and end-users. These solutions in the healthcare sector include reduction in re-admissions, workload and capital investment, enhanced patient engagement and experience, improved patient knowledge and personal health accountability; and providing services via HIPAA compliant technologies.

UpCare will be integrated with existing systems to provide data to deliver substantive and relevant content onto the patient’s television. It delivers condition-specific content that enables the provider to prescribe and document the completion of integrated patient educational materials. On the other hand, eCareboard integrates with UpCare and other external data sources. The former allows patients to digitally communicate with the care team while the latter populates information displayed. The eCareboard also provides up-to-date information on the patient’s care team, diet orders, schedule for the day and other such information.

 “This strategic relationship positions Carousel and Aceso as industry leaders, while helping us to deliver more effective, competitive, differentiating solutions to our respective customers. It is truly exciting to see how such a collaboration will result in an enhanced patient experience,” says Tim Howard, Director of Healthcare Solutions, Carousel Industries.

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