Strategies for an Effective Disaster Recovery Operation
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Strategies for an Effective Disaster Recovery Operation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Organizations are most vulnerable at the time of disaster recovery. It is a complex operation which requires every team member to be on the toes for a speedy and complete recovery. Cybercriminals are always on a lookout to find any vulnerability in the system to steal valuable data and information. This is the reason enterprises need to put extra efforts to secure their data, especially during disaster recovery operations.

Enterprises need to consider several steps before adopting a secure disaster recovery solution. Here are a few key points to maintain security during disaster recovery:

Remain Consistent: companies need to maintain impeccable security standards during regular operations to go through disaster recovery without any attacks. Each component of an enterprise like software, hardware, identity management, etc. should be at the core of disaster recovery planning to maintain the same security standards throughout the normal business processes.  

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Stay Strong: Access and authorization are the basic components of modern enterprise IT systems. Enterprise needs to protect these systems in order to ensure that APIs and login screens are accessible when primary systems are affected by the disaster event.

Stick to the Plan: Planning for disaster recovery should not start after the disaster happens. Enterprises should have a secure disaster recovery process engraved into existing technologies and processes. Enterprises should look into various security features when planning for disaster recovery. For example, businesses should encrypt all the sensitive data and send all the backup and replication data to secondary sites. Enterprises should ensure that all the documentation regarding disaster recovery should include no passwords and it should be stored securely with an off-site service for easy accessibility in the event of a disaster.

Build Layers: A multilayer security approach can make an effective disaster recovery.  Enterprise should always have encrypted and secure connections that can be utilized during disaster recovery. A backup plan for disaster recovery can help a company to sail through the disaster recovery without any damages.

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