Strategies for Product Innovation and Customer Acquisition
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Strategies for Product Innovation and Customer Acquisition

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Some firms are struggling to abandon paper and traditional infrastructure, but venture capitalists focus their support on B2B start-ups that want to pull the firm out of the past and drive it into the future of technology. B2B venture capital roundup concerns all about data and, as investors have shown, there are more than one means of offering data services. Some companies concentrate on analytics, while others provide digital solutions. Some of them focus on improving data within the company by means of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, while others aim for cybersecurity services or facilitating data sharing via application planning interfaces (APIs). B2B startups that tear down data silos raised more than $87.8 million—most of them going to companies with somehow targeted data.

In addition, Trovata has secured an unreported amount of seed financing from partner JPMorgan Chase in addition to its cash automated solution. The company technology automates aggregation and standardization of financial data in real time, via open banking and application program interface (API) technologies, across banking accounts and other financial portals. The Seed financing coincides with the current pilot of Trovata's solution, with the use of JPMorgan Treasury Services APIs, to focus on product development and new customer commitments.

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During another round of Seed Funding, OweMe, a UK-based company, announced the first investment of pi Ventures in a start-up outside India, at $1 million. OweMe operates a financing solution for the supply chain that links banks with companies that need to fund their invoices. The enterprise uses these funds for the further development of its products and for adding new employees.

Without the appearance of a cybersecurity company, it would not be a B2B venture capital roundup. 4iQ announced a Series B funding of $18 million for its identity allocation, analysis, and theft technology. ForgePoint Capital, Adara Ventures, and Benhamou Global Ventures were also present, announcing the funding of C5 Capital, and saying it would continue to focus on product innovation and customer acquisition. Other cybersecurity experts are provided with the technology to help them better identify who was behind an attack and data breach.

MachineMetrics aims to enable companies to display viable data streaming on their machines in their manufacturing field with IoT and data analysis technology. The company announced $11.3 million in funding. Lead by Tola, Hyperplane, Long River, MassVentures, Hub Angels and Firebolt were also participating, with existing sponsors. TolaCapital Investment MachineMetrics intends to increase its data science and product development teams and focus on global sales.