Strategies to Achieve B2B OEM Growth
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Strategies to Achieve B2B OEM Growth

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

Due to the different needs and nuances of each area, every industry uses field service management differently. Due to all the moving parts such as billing, time tracking, service, and routing, field management could be very fragmented and unorganized in the past. However, the process has become more accessible than ever with new technology such as field service management systems. Field service management has evolved over the past few years to include a wide range of capabilities, even in terms of billing and accounting. Field service management software mobility allows employees to remotely check in with the office, access customer data to enhance the user experience.

The software is used to track and manage various business-related aspects. An HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) company can use its HVAC service management software to keep track of record broken units or repairs. While a landlord makes use of property management software to record rent payments and billing when integrating securely into QuickBooks. Mobile, dynamic software can help to analyze employee work in real time, reduce billing cycles and increase productivity. Other features of field management software incorporate reducing overhead costs from paper management, marketing and data analysis, planning, and dispatch.

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For assembly level and B2B component manufacturers, more of their existing offerings are generally sold to current and new customers. B2B OEMs can use all of these options, and new or enhanced services have to be included in the new stuff. Besides, it is important to determine why customers first buy offers from companies. And this is the reason: these companies must use the product of the company to achieve one or more of their desired business goals. These goals include increasing revenue, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and retaining key employees for the majority of companies.

Better customer feedback requires internal innovation to enhance mutual relations and improve their businesses; customers like to share information and problems with companies and that also help them achieve their personal goals. With enterprises upgrading toward Industrial IoT, an excellent field service organization is the necessity for keeping customer equipment running with minimal downtime. The IIoT incrementally improves availability, and many customers are ready to pay for the improvements.

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