Strategies to Create SEO-friendly, Lasting Content
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Strategies to Create SEO-friendly, Lasting Content

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 4, 2019

To keep the audience engaged, daily blogging is important, but lasting content is the fundamental element of the blog content strategy to increase your content ranking index. Maintaining an active blog that is news-worthy, SEO-friendly, and unique is a challenging task. Contents do not have an expiry date, and the subjects don’t involve short term trends or clickbait stories. A lasting content must be written in a way that it can be reached out to even after years of publication. Winning content marketing makes use of smart, valuable, and shareable content. Some of the evergreen contents are based on tutorials, history lessons, product reviews, and video demonstrations; this type of content provides the reader with an authoritative voice that can build the brand. 

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Reporting on events can never be termed as evergreen; this also includes major world-changing events. Unless the site is based on history books, it is recommended to avoid news articles or anything that has a date stamp. Time-sensitive articles like statistics will be eventually dated; if the article doesn’t focus on the stats, long-lasting articles can be produced. Holiday or seasonal based content can be evergreen because it will receive steady clicks from continued interests. If the business is positioned for long term growth, then the website should be built with evergreen content. Lasting content will draw in new customers by giving them valuable information and building trust by teaching. Evergreen posts must be re-shared often which will make them top performing posts.

Backing information with reference is crucial, and content can be legitimized with a lot of citations. Wikipedia will not serve as a good source for academic-related info because the information is not authoritative. Lasting content requires a lot of research, and if the content is just a guide or commentary that is found within a few clicks, then the article might get a high bounce rate. Images and infographics must be watermarked to create a content based around an image, but it must also not be an image post. Content must be regularly updated when new information is available. This will keep the blog alive and build the existing customer relationship. Lasting content must be kept simple, and the content must be stringed with web links and posts that are inter-related with the previous posts.

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