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Strategies to Globally Expand Your E-commerce Footprint

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Selling products globally sounds exciting, but it certainly comes with complexities involved. E-commerce businesses can undoubtedly implement some strategies that can enable them to expand all while ensuring that the risks are minimal.

While opening a store in any country, it is necessary to give preference to the native language over other languages. Most of the e-commerce platform strategies allow consumers to switch the language as per their comfort and this helps them for smoother access of the rest of the pages. Most of the consumers prefer to shop in their native language. To adapt to the latest marketing trends, the company’s marketing strategy needs to be tested frequently. The companies should determine what the audience needs and modify the brand to suit their interests and expectations.

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Hiring a fluent speaker of different languages to proofread the website is a good initiative; for instance, Shopify Plus matches languages with countries and regions. Converting business emails into various languages is also useful, and at the same time, introducing multilingual chatbots will be a huge boost to the store. Implementation of chatbot is a great approach to engage with consumers, answer their questions, recommend products to them, and generally push them toward a sale. Chatbots and auto searches help businesses understand the interest of the user and receive quick product feedback. Image and voice search could account for 50 percent of all searches by 2020, Branded3 claims.

Payment technology needs to focus on improving operating speed and safety, thereby reducing consumer operating costs. Retailers can provide a more personalized and unique in-store shopping experience by adopting simple strategies such as queue-busting payment forms, and alternative payment methods can help increase the customer base. Retailers must concentrate on creating a new platform capable of reducing transaction fees, speeding up payment processes, and integrating alternative payment methods.

“Buy online/pick up in-store” will be a hit soon as this new development helps consumers avoid waiting for the delivery of the product and also helps them save shipping costs. It is indeed high time for e-commerce companies to adapt to the latest technology trends, align their business strategies with these trends and accordingly address their consumers’ needs. 

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