Strategies to Integrate Social Media and Email Subscribers for an Effective Sales Growth
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Strategies to Integrate Social Media and Email Subscribers for an Effective Sales Growth

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

Marketing campaigns have evolved drastically over the years. Companies are taking many innovative and practical steps for the success of their marketing campaigns. Marketing teams launch campaigns which are customized according to a user group, helping companies to enhance their sales with cost-effective measures.

Social media and email list have also become a critical channel for marketing teams to launch their campaigns. Companies are integrating email marketing and social media platforms to promote their product and services. Here are a few ways to combine social media platforms and email subscribers to boost sales for an organization:

Invitation to email subscribers: Many email subscribers do not have an idea about a company’s social media platform. Businesses should invite their email subscribers to join their social media platforms. This will help companies in a smooth integration of their email list and social media platforms. Hashtags have become an effective way to attract subscribers. For example, Good America listed all of their social media channels with links and asked their subscribers to join the #goodsquad.

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Promoting Email Options on Social Media: Companies which have more followers on social media platforms can ask their subscribers to join their email list for customized marketing promotions based on their requirement.

User-generated content: businesses can send their social media posts to email subscribers to improve customer engagement. User-generated content is an effective way to generate more sales, as sharing these contents on social media platforms and email list can help to build trust for a brand. User-generated content also helps to bag new customers as they get to see the feedback of existing customers.

Retargeting Email Subscribers: Retargeting is an effective business strategy that allows businesses to follow their site visitors. Companies are using this strategy to target their site visitors by showing them lucrative ads that convince them to return to the company’s website. This technique can also be used on the email subscribers by adding a line of code to the company’s email signature or in the HTML of the email. This allows companies to show ads all across the web to anyone who opens their email.

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