Stratovan Launches Checkpoint for 3D Medical Imaging to Help Healthcare Professionals
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Stratovan Launches Checkpoint for 3D Medical Imaging to Help Healthcare Professionals

By CIOReview | Monday, December 1, 2014

CHICAGO, IL: Stratovan, a provider of next-gen interactive visual analysis software for 3D imaging has launched Checkpoint for medical imaging.

Checkpoint speeds patient evaluation for radiologists, technicians, physicians and other healthcare professionals by giving them better views and a deeper understanding of 3D anatomic structures.

Designed to improve diagnostics and surgical planning, Checkpoint provides 3D views of CT, MRI, PET and other 3D scans from a variety of modalities – including 3D surface scans. It enables the efficient collection of thousands of landmark points to provide precise analyses of complex 3D shapes. Checkpoint also provides full 3D reconstruction that healthcare professionals can easily slice through for orthogonal and oblique views. It can load both surface meshes and volumetric DICOM scans and extract multiple surfaces from a DICOM volume.

Checkpoint's landmark editing interface allows users to quickly place single points, curves and patches to represent even the most complex tissue morphology. A custom tool in Checkpoint analyzes joint surfaces for congruence and/or changes due to treatment or disease. The landmark points can be used for shape modeling, geometric morphometrics and are exportable to popular statistical shape analysis software tools or custom software.

Stratovan Checkpoint is the tool for: Surgical planning research; Medical visualization and analysis; Treatment planning research; 3D morphometric analysis of anatomic structures; Image processing; 3D surface extraction from 3D DICOM data; and Computer-aided diagnosis research.

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