Streamline Processes Made Efficient As Infor Launches Infor Optiva 12.0

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can now be implemented as a single tenant cloud solution, or as a cloud based deployment as Infor has launched the latest version of Infor Optiva. The enhancements of the full version release of Optiva (Optiva 12.0) include formulae improvements including enhanced grids and a quick calculation capability, and enhanced Project Management Tools such as Gant chart feature that maps the complex workflows across the product lifecycle. Keeping its Food and Beverage process manufacturers clientele in mind, “ingredient statement bolding” for allergies has been added to meet regulations such as the EU Food Information for Consumers along with Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) regulation criteria. “Infor Optiva 12.0 is designed to help streamline processes through better collaboration, access and management tools,” commented Chris Krechting, vice president, Product Lifecycle Management, Infor.

Along with efficiency, the look and feel of Optiva 12.0 has also been improved. Redevelopment of the front end and inclusion of the Hook and Loop design features has given the product an up-to-date mobile-ready design and has enhanced its mobility. This ability for users to continue working on their mobile devices when away from desks will in-turn help increase efficiency across business.

The functionality of the product has been optimized and improved by introducing a wizard feature. This allows the users to create formulas, items, projects and product specifications which will improve the efficiency of the data gathering processes required to manage new product lines. “Infor is committed to investing in cutting-edge technologies, to enhance the PLM product-suite and to strive to offer the best tools to process manufacturers,” added Krechting. As a feature of the new version, Optiva will now be integrated across Infor platform such as Infor Ming.le and Infor ION with other applications.

The new upgrade will make it easier and cost effective for the set of Infor customers to move their solutions to the Infor cloud. If compared with the previous version, Optiva 12.0 brings a whole new feel and look and also improves the efficiency of the process manufacturing firms.