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Streamlining HR to Be an Equal Contributor to Enterprise Technology Upgrade

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The role of the HR leadership in envisaging and executing a massive technological drive should be as crucial as that of enterprise leadership. Is this happening?

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises across the globe are trying to be at the center of advancements in the technological arena. Having a highly competent and future-ready workforce is vital for a successful technological upgrade. Despite the HR department’s crucial role in facilitating a technically-savvy workforce, a recent study by CPID, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, hints at the former being less involved in critical technology decisions most of the times.

A highly proficient HR leadership is inevitable for bringing in a perfect workforce balance with the overall operational strategies of the enterprise. A competent workforce is essential at all stages of technology implementation. Hence, HR leadership is capable of doing more in enabling a comprehensive and optimal integration with technology.

A deep analysis though highlights another side to the story. Several HR professionals are yet to be technologically competent. They get overwhelmed and perplexed by the continuous addition of the latest technologies.  As a result, some professionals end up struggling to overcome the challenges resulting from integration with technology. A few take the easy route and remain unaffected by the constant need for a technological upgrade.

Therefore, making HR professionals technologically competent is the first step towards ensuring their increased participation.

Here are a few insights into some of the key aspects where the HR leadership can play a crucial role in the artificial intelligence (AI) viewpoint.

It is the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that the workforce remains technologically competent in line with technology integration. As an example, businesses across the globe are incorporating AI across all functions for complete automation.

HR can ensure that there are increased opportunities for the workforce to utilize AI and further automation in an efficient manner. HR leadership can take over the responsibility of consulting with firms having existing AI strategies in place to decide on the most effective one and to reduce the possibility of glitches.

Though a strong technical background is not necessary, HR professionals need to have enough knowledge of the technological trends so as to know which areas can bring results, how to train the workforce to utilize the technology better and align potential technologies with workforce management.

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