Streamlining Supply Chain Visibility through EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal

By CIOReview | Monday, February 22, 2016

FARMINGDALE, NY: To gain greater visibility into the supplier and customer processes, EtQ, a provider of health and safety compliance software solutions has announced that EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal will provide a safe and secure way to the customers in various processes. The portal allwes the external parties such as suppliers and customers to be involved in an organization’s workflow process without having undeviating access to the network, providing a secure technique for enhancing teamwork.

“EtQ is proud to foster not just quality, safety and compliance through its modules and applications, but also innovation” says EtQ’s Glenn McCarty, CEO of EtQ. “Not only has the Reliance Cloud Portal been met with great excitement from our customer base, we are seeing that our key customers are taking this concept and building a compliance network within their supply chain with great success.”

Here is the list depicting how EtQ’s customers are leveraging the benefits of the Reliance Cloud Portal:

For instance, a firm in consumer packaged goods has discovered a way to use the Reliance Cloud Portal as an only Complaint Handling system to be used for its call centers internationally. In another case, a life sciences company was also found to use the Reliance Cloud Portal as a single global source for all post-market opinion. It enabled the company’s customers to register into the system; steadily record response and have that feedback sent directly back to Reliance.

For the future, a customer in universal manufacturing is planning to use the Reliance Cloud Portal for conducting audits throughout the cloud with their supply chain. This information feeds back into their on-premises Reliance system, which issues counteractive proceedings based on audit feedback.