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Streetbees Secures $40 Million in Series B Funding Round

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Streetbees raises $40 million in series B round of funding.

FREMONT, CA: Streetbees has raised $40 million funds in series B round of funding. The company has closed the financing to drive the development of the world's first human intelligence platform. Seeking to take the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the next higher level in the world of business, the company serves its own network of 3.5 million consumers. The company aims at capturing emotion and context 'in the moment' when they engage with brands. With the help of the application of deep neural networks, Streetbees has given rise to unique growth opportunities that would analyze unstructured human emotional and behavioral data.

Source states that 80 percent of human decisions are made offline, and Streetbees makes the offline world visible and searchable by indexing its proprietary dataset of millions of offline moments. Human behavior is captured via the internet within the artificial reality of social media. The company looks to deduce human behavior and also decode real reasons behind the thought process of human minds.

Streetbees is one of the leading AI and other cognitive technology solution providers that analyzes and brings out the behavior of people and the why behind it. Focusing on realistically scrutinizing the moments that the algorithm collects from its own global community, the company has bagged more than 3.5 million users across almost around 190 countries all around the world to use its chat-style Streetbees app. By leveraging natural language processing technology, the company uncovers all that people think, feel, and even predicts to a great extent.