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Strengthening Donor Relationships with AcademicWorks Engage

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Brandon Phipps, CEO of AcademicWorks

Brandon Phipps, CEO of AcademicWorks

AUSTIN, TX: AcademicWorks recently announced remarkable enhancements to its Scholarship Management Platform. Since campuses and educational foundations face roadblocks in creating endowment reports, the TX based firm has designed AcademicWorks Engage to aid colleges, and universities to enhance donor relations and stewardship efforts by simplifying the endowment reporting process. Since most institutions have to refer to multiple administrative systems before creating a report, AcademicWorks Engage allows administrators to leverage their Scholarship Management Platform. It also provides a suitable place to store all the relevant information that is needed for donor reporting, with curated online access to fund financial reporting, recipients, disbursements and formal letters.

The AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform acts as the catalyst in improving student access to scholarships, and increases the access to fund performance. Additionally, the platform simplifies the administration process with the ability to secure and assemble applications, manage the review process, and communicate with award recipients through a single solution. AcademicWorks solution also ensures that students are considered for every scholarship for which they are eligible, which helps improve fund utilization. The platform offers exceptional flexibility, allowing clients to have different deadline dates, application requirements, reviewers and administrators for their various scholarship funds, which helps facilitate campus-wide adoption. It is been estimated that over 400 colleges, universities and foundations have upgraded their process using AcademicWorks.

“We have been working with colleges and universities for the past six years to streamline their scholarship process and our experience has shown that the donor reporting process is often challenging and time consuming,” said Brandon Phipps, CEO of AcademicWorks. “We allow clients to create one centralized solution for all of their scholarship awarding activities, which enables them to use those funds more strategically. We are excited to see how the functionality available through AcademicWorks Engage will allow donor relations and stewardship professionals to improve donor communication and reinforce the cycle of giving.”