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Strengthening Security Testing Based on Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FREMONT, CA:  Security vendor Trustwave states the acquisition of application security testing firm Cenzic. This integrated security testing platforms intend to help businesses rapidly identify and address security weaknesses, and further reduces threats and risks.

Through this acquisition Trustwave will deliver both static and dynamic security testing as integrated, subscription-based services that will secure applications throughout their lifecycle. Integration of Cenzic solutions with web application firewalls and security information and event management systems, including those from Trustwave, offers additional layers of protection.

While Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is designed to analyze application source code and binaries in a non-running state, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) continuously analyzes the running applications to locate vulnerabilities.

 “Cenzic’s highly automated and scalable security testing platform supercharges our ability to deliver integrated testing across a high volume of applications. This acquisition marks another milestone in Trustwave’s strategy to deliver comprehensive, automated and integrated security, compliance and threat intelligence solutions to the industry—all delivered through the cloud,” Robert McCullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave.

Cenzic solutions use behavioral and learning algorithms to ensure greater accuracy for automated assessment of application regardless of their complexity. The technology used by Cenzic automates security testing across cloud, mobile and web platforms. Cenzic provides solutions ranging from single application to enterprise-level deployments.