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Strengthening Surveillance through Cloud Computing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lowell, Mass.: Oncam Grandeye, a Swiss-based security and technology solutions provider, has announced its latest cloud-based security system called OnVu360. The platform is being implemented in a number of multi-site retail applications and is apt for hospitality sector, event management, education, healthcare, banking, gaming, mobile policing and public surveillance. Oncam Grandeye is a branch of Oncam Technologies.

Enabled with cloud functionality, OnVu360 provides adaptability and mobility. The application runs on a hardware like a console or a set-top box providing comprehensive situational awareness that can be accessed from any location using even a mobile phone. Video recording and playback, analytics, user-and-device-management, notifications, web services for customized application development and the dynamic addition of new services including those created by third-party suppliers can be accomplished using OnVu’s application programming interfaceDesigned to support plug-and-play, the system requires very less setup.

The company’s 360-degree technology provides video access to unlimited number of users. The same stream of data can be simultaneously viewed and point of interest can be looked at. The virtual views through a web browser or mobile interface can be controlled to examine different points of interest.  All this can be done in real-time that help in building statistics, business intelligence about each location that result in better insights. OnVu360 has the ability to stream HD content over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. The application is available on the Apple App Store.

Prominently providing security assistance for prime museums and offices across the globe, Oncam Technologies is planning to introduce this technology in public-sector and home-automation.

Oncam Grandeye has its presence felt in sectors such as transportation, retail security, municipal parks, City CCTV Surveillance, maritime security, casino security, critical infrastructure, commercial and corporate security.

 “OnVu360 may also be added as a retrofit,” said Adam Pineau, Vice President of Engineering and Systems solutions with Oncam Technologies. “For example, customers already using our Evolution range of cameras can take advantage of this technology as well, by installing an OnVu360 gateway alongside their existing digital or network video recorder system.”