Stripe Relay to Ease Online Shopping Experience

By CIOReview | Friday, October 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Stripe –a provider of mobile applications– announces a new set of tools, Stripe Relay, for retailers to build native buying experience within applications. The latest announcement will enable merchants to boost their sales and drive revenues.

Stripe Relay is an API for stores to publish their products, and apps to read them. Relay enables developers to build mobile e-commerce experiences. Boosted by innovative ideas, Relay API is powered by new concepts such as Products, SKUs (stock keeping units) and Orders. Product is a blanket representation of merchandise, SKUs will contain a specific product variation and Orders encompasses a combination of customer information and the SKUs of a user.

Stores can provide their product information to Stripe in various modes such as the dashboard, the API or by linking their existing e-commerce solutions. Relay delivers a platform for retailers to sell their products on popular mobile applications and social media posts.

Stripe will be integrating with Inmobi, ShopStyle and Spring in the initial phase. App developers who integrate with Inmobi can enable Relay purchases in apps rather than redirecting users to mobile sites.

“Making a purchase necessarily requires links, page loads, and context today,” says Patrick Collison, CEO, Stripe. “On top of that, the purchase load is broken with endless form fields, validation — nobody in their right mind would want to go through with it, it’s like intentionally designing [difficult] purchases,” reports TechCrunch.