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Strum Platform™ the Next Generation of Actionable Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A financial services data-driven marketing and brand consultancy agency, Strum announces the launch of its Strum Platform™, the advanced business intelligence data analytics platform.

The dynamic AI driven data warehouse of this platform offers actionable analytics insights for financial executives. The web-based platform provides on the fly visualized dashboards, embedded Google Maps and automated tools to accelerate digital strategy, growth performance and personalize relevant one-to-one user experiences and onboarding for executives. Strum’s decades of financial services data analytics expertise in lifestyle segmentation, product marketing, profit modeling, brand experience design and market growth planning are capitalized to provide analytical power tools and consultation for clients.

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Strum Platform allows executives to share a single source of accurate, and data visualized intelligence. It helps to make smarter, faster-aligned business decisions and improves collaborations for teams around crucial performance indicator a customer relationship growth. Users can also rapidly execute market growth actions to drive deeper into sufficient revenues with this platform equipped with clean, timely, and productive consumer, product and market data insights. It seamlessly builds richer customer segmentation and ideas that drive personalized brand experiences that lead to more profitable, engaged and loyal customer base.

Strum links core systems and different data sources into an elegant and secure Azure-cloud data warehouse. The platform delivers analytics responses to the complex product, customer, product profitability with simple dynamic query insights, algorithms and data models such as ProfitTrac™.

Strum is a pioneering financial service business intelligence, strategic branding, analytics, and consulting firms. It works with leading tech and financial institutions to evolve and improve their performance, brand experience, and growth results. Strum has offices in Seattle, Boston, and Atlanta.  

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