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Succeeding in CRM: Quick Guide for Small Businesses

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 28, 2019

Customer relationship management is one of the most important tasks to be performed regularly by any company. CRM software or customer relationship management strategy is evolving with technologies like AI, smartphones, social media, big data, IoT, together with other advanced technologies, and integrations. The difference between business success and failure is the result of the CRM strategy that a company follows. This is the major reason for researchers to argue that customer relationship management strategies are crucial for companies to learn about current customer relationship trends and use this knowledge.

The providers of CRM solutions work on moving social media data on a safer channel of communication. It also explores how unstructured data from several channels, email, and mobile smartphones, can be integrated. Because the data penetrate from several channels with high volume, speed, and variety, the providers of CRM solutions explore how these large data can be effectively managing. Therefore, companies prefer cloud-based CRM software to solve problems with local CRM software. The CRM based on the cloud also reduces the business burden of infrastructure investment.

Today, the suppliers of CRM solutions are investing a great deal to make mobile CRM applications more rigorous. The migration from desktop to mobile devices of internet users means that people now expect real-time data to be accessible from anywhere. A recent IBM technology trend survey has shown that mobile devices can increase organizations' productivity and efficiency. This study revealed that mobile software was the second most in demand for R&D.

Marketers are showing a new way to target consumers based on location in recent progress in mobile communications and geo-positioning technologies. Mobile advertising for specific purposes involves providing cellular subscribers with advertising messages based on their geographic locations. This digital technology enables marketers to supply commercials and vouchers that are adapted to the tastes, location, and times of the day of individual customers. Currently, CRM is evolving. The word CRM is changing toward XRM. XRM stands for eXtreme Relationship Management. The XRM range varies and exceeds the CRM range.

In 2019, spending on CRM will increase as companies are aware that it is not just important to know but to understand their customers.

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