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Successful CRM strategies for 2019

By CIOReview | Friday, March 22, 2019

Efforts to manage customer relations were noted as failures to generate income, and the strategy was expected to decline a few years before. Companies today are rethinking and re-evaluating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives with the development of social media and smartphones. These changes in CRM trends will change the way companies deal with customers. However, apart from the technological landscape, successful CRM involves the following best practices and continuous innovation.

Chat solutions are increasingly expected to be highly smooth, shifting between different media such as text, video, and screen sharing without forcing applications to be changed or started again as necessary on the fly. The increasing number of clients using messaging platforms and the implementation of commercial applications will encourage companies to use this communication method.

The launch of Apple Business Chat was one of the key announcements made recently. With this new feature focused on privacy and inclusion in the ecosystem of Apple, businesses are much more personal in connection with their customers. WhatsApp for Business was another launch. The company recently launched a dedicated SMB version to enable businesses to manage smaller customer interactions. The next step is to launch its enterprise API which enables large companies to manage significantly larger interaction volumes.CRM Tech Companies

SaaS Cloud solutions have become essential for the management of customer services in order to adapt to the growth of message and other digital channels. At least one application is used by 77 percent of companies or a significant part of their cloud-based business computing infrastructure.

2019 will be a thriving year for chatbots. The technology is limited and cannot be completely replaced by experts and sells from around the chatbots industry. It is essential to have a seamless transfer to human agents to ensure that customers can always have their specific questions answered. With this approach, customer service representatives can reduce the workload and spend longer time on added value tasks. In recent years, voice technology has taken over the industry. Around 1.8 billion people are expected to use digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home by 2021.