Suffusing Physical Security Needs through Smart and Standalone Access Control
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Suffusing Physical Security Needs through Smart and Standalone Access Control

By CIOReview | Monday, June 24, 2019
Bill Wood, North America President

Bill Wood, North America President

In a world where the risk to security appears large, sophisticated access control brings with it innovation and new success-driven capabilities to the digital era.   

FREMONT, CA: SALTO Systems excitingly showcases SALTO NEO Cylinder – a new electronic cylinder that is designed to be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors and more, and offers better functionality than any other cylinder on the market.

“SALTO’s new NEO Cylinder technology allows us to introduce customers, systems operators and installers to new experiences and to connect keyless access where we couldn’t have justified wiring a door before,” remarks Marc Handels, Chief Technology Officer, SALTO Systems. “We’ve seen for years that electronic locking technology is an ecosystem that has continuous change and growth and we’ve had to consider how to anticipate customers’ needs best and recommend smart locking solutions that are easy to adopt and install. The SALTO NEO Cylinder has more functionality and performance capability than any other cylinder on the market, allowing businesses to connect to their on-premises network via advanced SVN technology or the cloud with our SALTO KS cloud-hosted access management platform.”

SALTO continues to introduce extraordinary technological innovations where connectivity between the door, user, and the system operations helps strengthen the access control for any building application or access type.

With a vision to build new capabilities and functionalities in mind, SALTO devises world-class solutions that are simple to use, extremely efficient, and giving users the ability to control all their access requirements and secure all their doors without complicated and expensive wiring.

“Our innovative, advanced and highly flexible solutions empower businesses to accomplish not just safety and security goals but also improve their operational intelligence, and consumer and employee experience at a lower cost.” says Bill Woods, President North America at SALTO Systems. “Our solutions are extended to many more opening or doors in a building compared to traditional offerings. These extensions provide operational insights that no other application in the industry is capable of delivering.”

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While a majority of organizations struggle to find the right talent today, the company’s solutions enable critical operations to be easily managed and maintained without the need for specialized technical support staff. SALTO serves all verticals, including commercial, education, government, entertainment, and transport, to name a few. Its ability to work closely with the end users and deliver value by innovating and developing on their challenge is paving its road to success.