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SuiteSpots Business Connectors Automating ERP Processes

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2020
Jithesh Manoharan, CEO

Jithesh Manoharan, CEO

Enterprises can avail smarter enterprise resource planning solutions with Techcloudpro’sSuiteSpots.

FREMONT, CA: For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), automating the backend is essential to realizing increased operational and business process efficiencies. Realizing that the automation of the backend processes of an enterprise is essential to maximize operational and process efficiency, Techcloudpro has launched SuiteSpots business connectors. The new set of business connectors helps enterprises meet their enterprise resource planning goals with the aid of digital transformation. SuiteSpots business connectors developed by Techcloudpro allow enterprises to navigate through quick and easy business algorithms. These business connectors enable the integration of Amazon, Salesforce, Magento, and Shopify with the ERP system powered by Oracle NetSuite. Techcloudpro is a verified and standard Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider.

Springing enterprises, be it small and medium enterprises (SME) or developed and established ones, the need for ERP systems is always surging. Techcloudpro extends in expertise to the supply chain in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, IT, and more, along with the wholesale distribution market. Reports state that the market for ERP software is expected to by 18.91$ billion within 202 and 2024. sources also say that the demand for ERP solutions based on cloud technology is going to only increase, accounting to the largest share in the market.

Techcloudpro is a certified Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider. Founded in the year 2017, the company is a team of expert, experienced, credible technologists, thinkers, strategists, engineers, and professionals carrying out comprehensive know-how of NetSuite functionalities. The company has proven experience in selling NetSuite licenses, consulting services on NetSuite Cloud solutions, and ERP implementation and support. Techcloudpro envisions the integrations of its solutions, products, and market offerings with innovation.