Sun View Software Brings about Modifications in Its Change Gear Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TAMPA, FL- Sun View Software has announced the introduction of a multi-modal change environment which is based on its Change Gear platform. The software helps IT organizations working in an agile or DevOps environment to support a high velocity change.

Change Gear Change Manager aims at delivering the optimal solution for IT Service Management problems. This feature provides a consolidated change repository for capturing enterprise change information, replace spreadsheets and email systems. The best part of the software is its easy-to-use interface and the sophisticated features. The upgradation with multi-modal support makes it convenient to adopt IT controls while providing streamlined workflows. The idea behind this is based on Prosci's Roles in Change Management Model.

There are four key features of the new Change Gear Change Manager which gives the product a definite edge. First being the multi-modal workflows allowing IT firms to define and automate processes to align with organizational change policies. The second feature focuses on its RESTful API capabilities for easy integration with third party toolchain solutions to automate collection of changed records. Preauthorization Automation, the third one streamlines change request processing based on defined and approved criteria. And the final feature,  Change Manager Dashboard and Workspace interfaces aims at delivering real-time change visibility and metrics for organizational stakeholders and also provides tools for improving collaboration in virtual Change Authorization Board (CAB) or peer review sessions.

The introduction of Change Gear Change Manager Sun View Software has indisputably made a difference for enterprises comprising of IT Service Management. The whole objective is to eliminate system downtime and gain fast ROI.