Sunlight Solutions Proclaims Sunlight Simplify
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Sunlight Solutions Proclaims Sunlight Simplify

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sunlight Solutions offers Sunlight Simplify, a new business unit, to provide medical professional liability (MPL) administration software.

FREMONT, CA: “With Sunlight in a position of financial stability and growth, it was time for us to expand the MPL-specific solutions we offer to insurers delivering critical coverage to medical institutions and providers around the world,” says Leh. Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight), a cloud-native provider of core administration technology and innovative insurtech services, has come up with Sunlight Simplify, a new business unit specializing in the provision of medical professional liability (MPL) administration software.

“When we use technology to digitize the standard processes and workflows, we empower underwriters and case file managers to focus on what matters most the customer,” adds Leh.

Sunlight believed it was appropriate to broaden the company's products for MPL insurers after a year of unparalleled client and company growth. Sunlight Simplify was created by combining Sunlight's main functionality with features customized to the specific needs of insurance companies and institutional customers, such as hospitals, clinics, facilities, and individuals who require MPL insurance. Today, Bernadette Leh's Sunlight Simplify is in production with numerous MPL insurance firms.

Sunlight Simplify also supports the MPL-specific criteria for underwriting complex risks, handling invoicing and financial complexities, and case file administration when policyholders want the insurer's assistance. As a fully financed business unit of Sunlight Solutions, Sunlight Simplify has access to the company's considerable MPL-specific implementation experience and expertise in assisting insurance clients in moving away from rigid, obsolete legacy systems effectively.

“With Sunlight Simplify gaining ground, we are looking forward to the New Year with a great deal of anticipation,” concludes Leh. “From everyone at Sunlight, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a happy prosperous 2023.”