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Surging Use of Internet of Things for Industrial Automation

By CIOReview | Friday, February 22, 2019

IoT will be a driving factor in all industries and applications. Industrial Automation is one among them that is witnessing a significant increase in IoT utilization. Industrial automation refers to the use of various control devices like computers, robots, and information technologies for handling, controlling different processes and machines in an industry, and has over a billion connected devices deployed. It is done with reduced human intervention.

Wireless IoT applications are intelligent solutions for facilities that are hard to reach, cost prohibitive connects with wired installation or has recurrent modifications to workflow and layouts. This technology can be used to control devices such as cranes and automated guided vehicles in material handling applications in factory automation. Wireless IoT solutions can also be used in process automation to integrate tools that enable plant operators to surveil and optimize the process in hazardous areas, which promises work security.

When compared to the wired solutions the installation and maintenance of wireless solutions are more flexible and economical. It enables reconfigurable manufacturing system design. Robust connectivity is critical to assist industrial IoT applications surrounding predictive maintenance and digital twins.  Also, the annual shipments of wireless devices for industrial automation applications has drastically increased, evidence of rapid growth of IoT in industrial automation itself.

The adoption of wireless IoT solutions can assist with everything from waste removal, refining supply chains, operating the factory floor, and handling data. Data resides everywhere in manufacturing. Wireless IoT solutions work to gather and transmit so that it can be analyzed and utilized effectively.

Industrial automation firms that continue to adopt IoT strategies have the opportunity to overcome organizational, process, data and system storage by automating the gathering of data across divisions and operations.Those companies will be positioned to analyze better and utilize the data to promise efficient and profitable operations.

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