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Surveillance Station Upgrade Unleashes Robust CMS

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Synology’s surveillance application ‘Surveillance Station’ is now upgraded to Version 7.2, bringing-in improved features such as, Central Management System (CMS), I/O modules, and Live View interface. Synology is a provider of network attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment.

Surveillance Station 7.2 is designed to be the predominant element of the surveillance network, serving users with an automated and efficient digital surveillance system. Jonathan Wang, Product Manager, Surveillance Station, Synology says, "One of the strengths of Surveillance Station 7.2 is its increased versatility and interoperability to fit in a vast variety of surveillance installations, independently of their size."

The latest version integrates with the I/O modules, serving as a central hub for various automated devices—LED lights, electromagnetic locks, motion detectors, and many more. This lowers the infrastructure cost as expenses for buying specialized camera is eliminated, it further reduces the cost by lowering the time spent on IT maintenance works.

Designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments, CMS enables to perform daily tasks in a smart and secure way. It is embedded with QuickConnect and HTTPS support, enabling access to remote servers and securing transmission of data over the internet. By entering the QuickConnect ID, users can host a hassle-free connection and bind the entire audio and video recordings from various servers and host it on the centralized server. Also, managing thousands of cameras for a server is a challenging task, which is simplified with the combined notification feature that refines notification and converge user’s focus to the important topic by combining similar notifications throughout the surveillance network. 

Keyframes is an important tool in the video surveillance system where measurement of the video frame with respect to time can be visualized. Keyframe interval can be adjusted as required by increasing the overall stream stability and quality while reducing bandwidth consumption. To monitor video streams from multiple IP cameras in real time, the upgraded version of Live View panel offers adjustable camera angle and zoom, and smart analytics tools to catch suspicious behavior. The panel also contains an Auto-layout option, which when enabled, displays all the camera streams available, giving an optimal viewing experience.

E-Maps offers authorized surveillance staffs to identify every device connected to the I/O module. Options are provided to change the icon size and hide the device’s name. Surveillance Station 7.2 is provided with a Network Video Recorder device ‘NVR216’, capable of displaying and recording upto 9 IP cameras and expandable recording storage of 7 drives. This enables users to create, remove or assign user specific privileges from within the device.