SUSE Bring Your Own Subscription Program Users Can Migrate Workloads to Public Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As public cloud is becoming more preferred by enterprises, SUSE, a provider of Linux distribution platform is coming up with Bring Your Own Subscription Program, enabling its customers to use SUSE Manager in the public cloud, reports Steven J. Vaughan Nichols, ZDNet.

SUSE Manager automates the installation and management of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, a server operating system for deploying enterprise class IT services in mixed IT environment. SUSE Manager disperses complexity of managing multiple Linux system distributions across diverse hardware architectures and virtual and cloud environments through a centralized solution. It reduces training and support cost as it offers easy to operate user interface. In addition customers can handle Linux environment using various devices.

Now the SUSE Bring Your Own Subscription Program allows enterprise customers to allocate their current subscription, including level of SUSE support, workloads running on premise and data centers in public cloud of SUSE certified Cloud Service Providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure at no additional cost.

A SUSE customer can apply for the program through an online portal enrollment. Within a short span customer who applied will be notified whether their request got approved and once the request get sanctioned, customer can migrate existing workloads to cloud.“The flexibility afforded customers by allowing them to provision, manage and update either public cloud or an on-premise infrastructure with SUSE Manager is invaluable," says Naji Almahmoud, Head of Global Business Development, SUSE.

Further the Bring Your Own Subscription Program doesn’t require an additional cost and management infrastructure to scale customers’ subscription in their preferred public cloud mentioned on the SUSE Public Cloud website. Simultaneously SUSE Manager users can get advantage of the same level of SUSE services, including the SUSE Customer Center, Subscription Management Tool (SMT) server and SUSE Manager to patch, update and maintain their cloud images just as they maintain on-premise servers. It will also support customers across all of their infrastructures, while moving their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server instances to the cloud.

An existing SUSE subscription that covers a two-socket physical server in the data center can be used for two cloud instances and more than two cloud instances will require multiple subscriptions.