Suse Linux Enterprise 12 promotes 64-bit ARM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA:SUSE Linux Enterprise is availing its partner a version of SLE12 with 64-bit ARM's  speeding the process of server system for data center workloads.

SUSE ARM partner programme will provide access to AArch64-supported SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 software and expertise. By adopting the 64-bit ARM processor, it leads to a more efficient and powerful computational capabilities. It can effectively utilize multiple processing cores on a device. This allows the system to designate task to specific cores according to their computational power. It provides a platform to meet different computing needs in the data center It is cost effective for core business services and provide secure network.

By taking part in the partner programme, it builds a support solution on different hardware interoperable platform enabling its partner for various applications, from purpose-built appliances for security, medical and network functions to hyper scale computing, distributed storage and software-defined networking.

SUSE is an open source software provider of the enterprise Linux distribution and a platform for mission-critical computing and also bring significant features to the datacenter of the desktop. The SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 AMD64 deliver mission critical workloads operating on 5 processor architecture and is available with optional expansion.

According to David Byte, senior technical strategist,” Our support programmes for our partners are always flexible, and when dealing with a new market, our engineering department will be engaged in the discussion about supportability as well, ensuring only the best engineered solutions make it to the end user."