Sustaira Releases Beta Version Of Their Enterprise Sustainability Application Platform
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Sustaira Releases Beta Version Of Their Enterprise Sustainability Application Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Sustaira is the Sustainability Software Platform for all of your ESG and sustainability solutions on the web and mobile devices. Imagine a world where cutting-edge technology and subject expertise in sustainability are united.

FREMONT, CA: Sustaira has come up with a  beta version of the Sustaira Sustainability and ESG Application Platform, just months after formalizing partnerships with Siemens Digital Industries Software and low-code application platform Mendix. Sustaira's first customers include conglomerate Siemens Canada, renewable energy solutions provider Inovateus Solar, Xavier University of Louisiana, and manufacturer Logistick, Inc. Sustaira's first customers include businesses of all sizes, in various areas and across a number of industries. Users can explore and demo the many Sustaira tools, such as ESG and Sustainability Goals and KPI Tracking, Emission Calculators, Carbon Accounting, including Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, reporting, and disclosures in this beta edition of the platform.

Sustaira, for starters, has a broader portfolio that includes themes such as social and governance reporting and environmental reporting. All of the application domains, including goals and KPI tracking, data aggregation and awareness, actions, outcomes and rewards, and digital reporting, are represented by the Sustaira Sustainability Circle. In addition, Sustaira provides configurable sustainability and ESG app layer that sits on top of all of the customer's internal and external data sources.

Second, Sustaira offers a building block approach that translates to highly flexible customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and overall agility to allow organizations to adjust to any future requirements or policy changes expected across the globe, thanks to a strong partnership with low code platform leader Mendix.

Third, Sustaira's go-to-market and execution strategies are based on open and collaborative partnerships. The group cooperates strategically with Fortune 500 corporations like Siemens and ESG Sustainability Consultancy firms and technology providers like API company Cloverly.

Sustaira's platform includes an online launchpad with a menu of pre-built sustainability and ESG apps and building blocks that can be quickly integrated, changed, and extended using a low-code approach. As a result, the customer's project implementation times are shortened while still meeting specific requirements.

Sustaira also provides specialized sustainability web and mobile app development using an agile methodology and ESG and sustainability consulting through a network of highly qualified partners.

The Sustaira Launchpad is included in this Beta edition and limited access to numerous domain apps known as Tiles. By bringing together all of the data and application building components outlined above, the Sustaira launchpad creates a single source of Sustainability and ESG truth. Users can begin by looking at the basic versions of Sustaira's application templates and imagining how they can collaborate and flourish within the sustainability or ESG domains that best suit their sustainability journey.