Susteen Unveils New Mobile Forensic Software for Law Enforcement Agencies

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 28, 2015

IRVINE, CA: Susteen, specialized in data communications and mobile computing arena came up with new mobile forensic six digit passcode breaking software called ‘Secure View Strike’ for law enforcement agencies.

When FBI signed with the company to generate more features of mobile management and investigative tool, Susteen with the help of data pilot has then created ‘secure view’ mobile forensic software. Specially developed for forensic professionals, the software enables them to serve the agencies to entangle unsolved cases and establish secure environment for citizens.

Secure view strike have a unique feature which enables law enforcement agencies to bypass pin codes on iphones as well as androids irrespective of their versions. Therefore secure view strike serves as easy to use interface. It sends message to user after finishing its task thereby making it interactive.

The added credits SV Strike administer is it’s easy to access mechanism of pin codes on locked phones, frequent upgraded versions empowered to get information from old likewise new phones, USB camera which store pictures of every missed attempts and final acquisition creating backups for user and one can over look non hurdled and understandable videos with instructions.