Swisscom to Apply PLUMgrid SDN for OpenStack Cloud Services

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Larry Lang, CEO PLUMgrid

Larry Lang, CEO PLUMgrid

FREMONT, CA: To increase the flexibility and manageability for its enterprise customers Swisscom is deploying one of the leading cloud infrastructure security providers, PLUMgrid to overlay SDN in its OpenStack cloud services. The Swiss service provider is moving the software into production across the breadth of its services. The company has been testing PLUMgrid for nearly two and a half years for the best results. “Building networking infrastructures that are up-to-date has been PLUMgrid’s focus since day one,” explains Larry Lang, CEO PLUMgrid.

Swisscom is reported to deploy PLUMgrid across the complete PaaS proposition, including partners like Red Hat, EMC Corp., CloudFoundry and ClusterHQ. PLUMgrid also prepares Swisscom for the emergence of the container-based infrastructure as it is designed to support both virtual machines, running traditional apps, as well as new applications on containers. “PLUMgrid is built with a DevOps core, to uniquely anticipate the networking hitches by creating a virtual, distributed architecture to translate clients’ policies into an OpenStack cloud environment,” says Lang. Swisscom plans to use PLUMgrid to help customers moving from physical networks to VLANs, using SDN on Layer 3 to gain more flexibility. The OpenStack PaaS cloud runs on hardware Swisscom designed itself using standardized components, running all the intelligence in the software layer that can provide flexibility and with a fixed set of standardized hardware, at a lower cost of production.

Established in 2011, PLUMgrid provides multi-tenancy, security, scale and performance for cloud’s virtual network infrastructure. Through automation, ease-of-use and agility, PLUMgrid makes the complex and large-scale production clouds possible. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, The PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite for OpenStack, featuring the unique Virtual Domains, is a distributed software suite that gives cloud operators the ability to build a scalable cloud infrastructure and offer secure, multi-tenant, advanced network services to applications and users.