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Symantec Leverages Perspectium Replicator for ServiceNow to Simplify its Data Integration

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: Perspectium, a developer of cloud and native application integration platform has announced the partnership with Symentic Corporation- a security, storage and backup solutions provider with which Symentic will utilize Perspectium Replicator for their enterprise integration framework.

Symentic solutions secure and manage information of small businesses to the largest global organizations from cyber threats. Its Global Intelligence Network (GIN) offers visibility into the threat landscape through Big Data accumulated by sensors. The GIN provides information for proactive protection to Symantec products, including Managed Security Services, Incident Response, Web Gateway, Endpoint Protection, and DeepSight Intelligence.

Perspectium aims to rectify data integration, monitoring, and replication challenges utilizing its massive data throughput capability.

Perspectium’s ServiceNow, a service management solution structures and automates the workflow by removing email and spreadsheets from the work process to streamline the delivery of services, addressing service domains such as human resources, facilities and finance. Replicator for ServiceNow is a monitored and real-time data replication and synchronization cloud service to proliferate ServiceNow database objects. It provides the highest data transfer rate and flexible publish and subscribe framework that is integrated into the ServiceNow administrative user interface.

Perspectium Replicator integrates data within Symantec's Information Technology Service Management platform (ServiceNow) in real time.

“We chose Perspectium because of their low impact, high output message broker service, which facilitates end to end integration of our cloud and in house applications. The overall effect is an excellent customer experience based on information being delivered accurately and in real time," says Donald Waldron, Manager of IT Service Management, Symantec.

Perspectium Replicator will lower the cost of ServiceNow Upgrades, simplify Symantec Integrations, reduce point-to-point interfaces and guarantees data accuracy across Symantec’s peer instances.

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