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Symbio Together with OptoFidelity to Deliver Integrated QA Test Automation

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Symbio-a BPO and R&D technology development solution provider and OptoFidelity which offers machine vision systems, engineering, test and measurement automation services, have announced their testing environment integration for Quality Assurance (QA) in R&D projects.

The two organizations has been working together from past few years ; in their earlier project OptoFidelity provided novel testing system for agile, authenticated R&D process and Symbio was their customer’s partner for testing and quality assessment process with Symbio Total QA framework . Now they have integrated OptoFidelity Human Simulator environment with Symbio’s TotalQA framework.

At present OptoFidelity Human Simulator test automation solution will be assimilated with Symbio’s non-intrusive black box testing solution ‘RATA (Robot Aided Test Automation) Framework’. Black box testing is a technique to determine the application functionality without disturbing its internal structure. RATA allows every-time test automation of web browser compatibility, embedded systems, command line programs and applications to minimize testing cycles. RATA mechanism offers user interface test automation, three axis robots with high speed cameras, automatic icon detection with state validation, optical character recognition and 2-finger robot for UI gestures. It facilitates external event triggering for measurements, scroll performance analyzer records frame transitions, latency measurement with watch dog and R&D testing for prototypes. Executing performance measurement and functional testing with one solution, long duration and aging testing with test models and effortless repetitive task automation are features of RATA framework.

The Symbio RATA framework is equipped by OptoFidelity’s Touch and Test Robotics which selects modules, components and solutions for testing touch panels ; features robot accuracy calibration tools, setup and control interface as well as supports multiple industrial robot platforms. The merger of RATA and OptoFidelity’s Touch and Test Robotics will benefit R&D sector of any organization and aid them with Total QA testing and measurement services.

OptoFidelity test system for UI performance deliver information about response time of haptics and audio, time slot of application and services download, application opening duration and swiftness of video playback.

The cumulative testing methods will be implemented in automotive, wearables and other technical sectors backing up with human like testing.